“The BJP previous alliance has a clear agenda and although there are differences in both the parties’ principles, the alliance is working towards progress by pinpointing the weaknesses created by the previous government”

~ Dr. Nirmal Singh

Considering that the last government has received a clear mandate, Dr. Singh explains that although the government is also focusing on proxy war because of terrorists and a few extremist locals, the majority section of the society in Jammu and Kashmir wants development, progress, and employment.

The BJP alliance has a clear agenda and although there are differences in both the parties’ principles, the alliance is working towards progress by pinpointing the weaknesses created by the previous government. Because of this, the government has defined a tender system based on transparency and merit and devoid of political influence and has finished certain pending projects.

Further, the state is focusing on electricity, water, roads, and education, in fact, kids are leaving private schools to join government schools Dr. Singh claims. Schemes like DDUJY, RAPDRP, RGGY which were pending are now being implemented and the focus has also been on cleanliness under the Prime Minister’s dear Swacch Bharat Campaign so much so that in the previous Mann ki Baat the prime minister also mentioned Reasi district for improvement and congratulated the people of Reasi.

Also, the state’s Jammu and Kashmir capitals will be prime targets of ODF and AMRUT. Moreover, Dr. Singh claims to be working on decongestion of traffic and multi-tier parking, ring roads, and Tawi river’s cleanliness which will be worked by Ahmedabad Corporation on the lines of Sabarmati.

In Srinagar, the government is now working on the eradication of floods and managing Jhelum water, for which the prime minister is personally concerned.

The NNURM, which was started by the previous government is now being completed by the current government and as promised by the central government the state has received a package worth 80000 crores out of which 42000 crore will be spent on roads and 11000 crores will be spent on electrification.

The state is also focusing on the smart cities plan during Dr. Singh’s tenure and the master plan for Jammu has been approved by the government and even Kashmir’s plan will be approved soon.

Jammu will be now made an independent tourist center and now an international yoga center is being developed in Mantalai, and other places like Purmandal, Ranjit Sagar Dam is being developed. Mata Vaishno Devi receives nearly 1 crore tourists every year and even if around 10 percent is diverted to Jammu, it could improve the state’s economy.

In terms of achievement over the past two years, specifically speaking, Dr. Singh claims that the state has been ruined by the previous governments including at the center. The BJP government has a zero-tolerance party for corruption and wants transparency and ever since there have been zero reports of corruption for the MLAs within the government, have transferred engineers based only on tenures.

Further, the government has strengthened the tourism infrastructure in Jammu especially the Vaishno Devi Yatra and the Amarnath yatra. The state has also sanctioned two Gondolas in Jammu and is working on cables in Patnitop and golf courses in the state.

The state is working under strict constraints in terms of law and order situation and has taken various employment initiatives so that the youth becomes skill-oriented including strengthening the Public service commission, filling vacancies, and improving basic systems and reorganization.

The current government has also started filling up the 6000 vacancies in Jammu and Kashmir police selection and health department etc and implemented the Jan Dhan Yojana wherein we collected a lot of money and benefitted nearly 8.5 lakh people in Kashmir and nearly 5.5 lakh people in Jammu, the Digital India Scheme, and the various start-up schemes, although there is extreme turmoil in the state.