“The Jammu and Kashmir is emerging through a phase of transition right now and there is a strong message from the center”

-Dr. Nirmal Singh

Dr. Singh believes that Jammu and Kashmir is emerging through a phase of transition and at the center now, the government of Sh. Narender Modi Ji has given a message of tit for tat to the Pakistanis and the separatists. The message is one of negotiation within the purview of the Indian constitution and nothing else and believes that in the next five years, these things will be established.

Jammu and Kashmir have been integrated fully post abrogation of articles 370 and 35a  and now the sacrifices of soldiers and leaders don’t go to waste and hence Pakistan must cease the cross-border firing and misleading the Kashmiris and maintain peace.

Dr. Singh’s message to the youth is to realize their potential and top the posts in sports, in civil services as they are doing now. India now has an international image and it’s because of the leadership of Sh. Narender Bhai Modi and it is this India that we must strengthen where everyone including Hindus, Muslims, and Sikhs are equal.

In the next few years, terrorism and violence will be over in Jammu and Kashmir and we will follow the model of Chhattisgarh and various south Indian states to ensure development.