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“Because of terrorism since 1947, the actual voice has been suppressed and the when various stakeholders met, the nationalist voice came afore”.

~Dr. Nirmal Singh

Dr. Singh has represented India in various international conferences and mentions that the world has started looking at Jammu and Kashmir from a different perspective and mentions that Jammu and Kashmir have always been in the news since 1947 proxy war is also in international view since then.

The international community and various organizations have worked towards beginning negotiation and he has been involved in track-two diplomacy. Dr. Singh has visited Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Italy, etc on the calls of IKA i.e. International Kashmir Alliance.

Dr. Singh claims to have represented the mainstream and the nationalist voice at these forums and maintains that while the rest of the state is actually peaceful, the Kashmir crisis is limited only to two or three districts of Kashmir.

The perception of the international community changed for the first time even in Pakistan. Like Atal Behari Vajpayee said that one must maintain friendly relations with one’s neighbors and then Prime Minister Modi also invited the south Asian neighbors to India and even went to Pakistan.

In fact, since more than 70% of people voted for the government, the people want peace and non-violence and are constituted by Jammu, Kashmir, and Ladakh.  

On the issue of Jammu and Kashmir being actually consisting of three different areas like Jammu, Kashmir, and Ladakh and being a Hindu minority state, Dr. Singh believes that the different cultures and languages of the three regions must be maintained and Kashmiriyat which is actually based on Sufism and Shaivism and on the all-inclusive ideology must be upheld and not be misled by some emotional and Pakistani people. This is actually a challenge to Kashmiriyat and our culture. It is because of Prime Minister Modi that India is receiving international importance in the world and the people of the state want harmony and peace.

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